It seems we all possess certain traits that act as double-edged swords. In certain circumstances, the trait raises us above those around us. While under other conditions, the very same trait may serve to be our undoing.

For myself, confidence in my ability to reach certain goals, has been such a trait.

When I was in high school, one of the requirements of our humanities class was to write ten essays, on various topics, throughout the course of the semester. Having successfully accomplished similar tasks in the previous semester, the need to 'prove' myself was, in my thinking, absurd and a waste of time. Therefore, in short order, I achieved recognition as one of the few students qualified to teach that course - this as I was so familiar with the subject by having had to take the class THREE times.

It was not due to my inability to accomplish the assigned tasks, rather it was my 'confidence' (even if founded in fact) which kept me from doing the essays until the very end of my third time through.

Now as I sit at the other end of my spectrum of existence, the desire to express thoughts and feelings by way of the written word has firmly grasped hold of me.

The 'bits & pieces' contained in this section are samplings of some of my literary attempts...