Apologies are seldom of any value. Those to whom they are tendered, neither want nor believe them. While those who profess them are usually neither sincere nor truly remorseful.

While one may be both sincere and remorseful, often nothing can be said or done to atone for one's actions. So what then is to be said? Does one perform as an actor for an audience? Is there some form of contrition acceptable to all those involved? And for what exactly is one to be repentant?

Explaining motivation would serve no purpose other than a selfish one.

What can be said beyond any doubt, is that more may have been learned than was desired to be learned. The fool and dreamer has been laid to rest. In his place is one humbled by the knowledge of his own weaknesses; but confident in his ability to stay the proper course.

As once before, neither a glance shall be cast nor a sound uttered, and time shall heal as best it can.