(c) 1994
Once upon a time there was a lonely little pillow. He was sad because he didn't understand why he had to sit in the closet. He noticed all the other pillows in the house were being used. People snuggled with them at night and he was very different than the other pillows people used. He was so much smaller than the other pillows. This made him very sad. The pillow had plenty of time to think in the closet. "I am so small. I am such a little pillow. Who will every want to use me. I am too small. What if I am alone forever? What if no one notices me? I need to do something and do it right now, because I am tired of waiting." thought the little pillow.

The pillow sighed, and sighed, and sighed some more and finally thought, "Maybe I'm too small, or too soft or too hard. Something must be wrong with me because no one is using me." And he sighed. Whenever he thought about his need to be needed, he sighed.

"I know!", the little pillow thought, "Maybe if I could change who I am - someone would finally need me. Maybe then they will want me and take me out to snuggle." And so he made himself larger and wider and firmer. This was no small task for the pillow because he had to use a lot of energy to puff himself up. When he was done he was very tired and just waited in the closet for someone to notice him.

"This should help.", he thought. "Surely someone will see me and want to use me now!"

He did look very nice. When grandpa opened the linen closet, he did notice the pillow. The pillow looked so nice that he took the pillow out of the linen closet and put it on his bed. Grandpa needed a good pillow to get a good night's sleep. But when grandpa tried to sleep on the pillow, it was too puffed up, and too hard and it gave him a stiff neck. Grandpa told grandma how he didn't sleep well because of the pillow. After talking to Grandma, grandpa decided to put the pillow back in the closet and save it for someone else.

This made the pillow very sad. He was tired of waiting in the closet. He thought this was his time to be needed and used had come and gone. And he sighed, and sighed, and sighed some more. Then he thought, "I will make people want to use me, but I am too puffy and hard. Who can use me like this?" And so the pillow decided that even if He was a truly beautiful pillow, it did no good for himself or anyone else if he was too hard or too big to be used. The pillow wanted someone to use him right away and so he decided a change was necessary. The pillow still thought something was wrong with him. He thought that is why he had to wait in the closet. "Hmm," thought the pillow, "maybe if I was very big and very soft then someone will use me."

So the pillow changed himself into a big white fluffy pillow. He was VERY VERY big but VERY VERY soft - bigger than all the pillows in the house! The pillow thought this was good - much better than being the smallest pillow sitting and waiting on the shelf.

But the pillow throught wrong. Grandma was putting some towels away in the linen closet one day and noticed there wasn't enough room to shut the door anymore. The pillow was so big that he took up too much space. As she walked away the pillow could hear grandma say she was getting a garbage bag for that big pillow in the closet. It was too big to keep so she was going to throw it away.

Well, when the pillow heard that he decided right then and there that he'd better make himself smaller and do it before Grandma came back to take him out to the garbage. The little pillow sighed, and sighed, and sighed some more. But this time instead of coming up with some grand scheme to make himself better, he went back to being the little pillow he was in the first place. After all this is how he was made and maybe there was a reason he was made this way. And while the pillow waited, he still didn't understand why no one was using him yet. This made him sad and lonely, but he decided to sit and wait things out.

This time the pillow thought, "It is better to wait on the shelf until someone can use me just the way I am than to be thrown in the garbage because I am too big."

When grandma came back to throw away the huge, soft pillow, all she could find was the cute little pillow.

"Oh my goodness!", she said. "I forgot all about this little guy."

Excitedly, she took the pillow out of the closet. She cleaned him up and fluffed him and dressed him in a cute little pillow case. Then she placed him on a funny little bed. The bed was much smaller than all the other beds in the house.

The pillow knew what it was like to be small and not used and thought "Oh, I feel so bad for this small bed because who will ever want to use it. This bed's legs are too short and its mattress is too small! Poor bed!", the pillow thought.

While the pillow was thinking about his problem and feeling so bad for the funny little bed, he could hear grandma talking to someone coming down the hall with her. He could hear two sets of footsteps. One set of footsteps was very fast and seemed like they might come from a very little person.

JUMP! A very small boy jumped into the room with a very big smile on his face.

JUMP! The little boy jumped onto the bed and lay his little head on the little pillow.

"Grandma!" said the little boy, "This pillow is so cute and I really like it. It is just the right size for my head to rest on. It's not like the other pillows." , as he laid his head down and snuggled the little pillow.

"Thank you grandma, for saving this pillow just for me."

Now the pillow was very happy and he finally understood why he waited on the shelf so long.

He wasn't too small!

He wasn't too soft!!

He wasn't too hard!!!

In fact there was nothing wrong with him at all.

The truth is, the little pillow was very special. This is why he had to wait. Grandma had saved him for her favorite and most special boy in the world to her, her grandson.